Tuesday, 19 February 2013

I Just found my 1st Sketch i did of what i wanted my 1st tattoo to look like from back in the day... I Strolled in to Studio81 (with no help from my Boy @stewing whispering horrer stories of how much it hurts in my ear haha) and handed this piddley piece of paper to a HellsAngel guy, He must have thought who the f#ck is this Chump!? (haha)


  1. Its always nice when you draw tattoos for yourself, gives it so much more meaning...

    Rokas @ Sturban Clothing - Street Wear

    1. Most Definitely! a lot of guys and girls nowadays just want ink for the sake of having it and are filling up there arms with random shit ... not cool...

  2. 1. you're an artist my man.
    2. so *was* Ste right about how much it'd hurt?!
    3. err a CHARLIE BROWN shirt?!?!

    1. haha cheers mate...

      1. cheers.
      2. no, its kinda... well kinda a nice pain.The Outline is probably the worst bit, the shading sounds worse~ bigger needles scraping your skin but no...)
      3. yea, AND? haha dja know that shirts about 10 years old, its a mans juicy couture T from Sax 5th av in the states and the material is still soft... haha so its a lounging T and has been for the last 10 years... POW!

    2. yeah ... snoopy shirt ... AND
      ... and ... err cool!!!
      why have I got the Charlie Brown DVD box set
      - but no t??!! CB is the man.
      eBaying right now.